Aquarius Zodiac Sign Analysis ( Sanskrit Name -kumbh )


Ruling Planet: Saturn
Zodiac quality: fixed
Birthstones: Blue Sapphire
Color: Black, light blue
Day: Saturday
Element: Air.
Positive traits- independent, Genuine, Emotional.
Negative traits -High anger, Very sensitive.


LUCKY COLOUR  – Royal blue, Dark blue, Black, white, pink, purple

LUCKY NUMBER  – 3, 9, 7



The Aquarius Horoscope 2021 is considered as the year of opportunities, possibilities and challenges. The movement of the Saturn, the lord of Aquarius, is going to reduce the gravity of challenges comparing to the previous year. The transition of Jupiter in twelfth house, would open the room for opportunities in every field and in every task you take up. The presence of Rahu-Ketu opens possibilities for students for their overseas opportunities during the second half of the year. This year is going to help the start-up ventures, consulting companies and creative entrepreneurs as the Venus is present in the beginning of the year in the month of January. There are higher chances of probabilities and prospects for the individuals who chooses the path in creative field or who attempts a creative approach this year. You will excel at work when you embrace your intelligence and engage your brilliant brain. By early spring you become far more proactive and are able to get things moving. You could make profits in the form of cash or jewellery. Time is going to be very beautiful for those in love. Love between you and your beloved will increase, which will make your relationship stronger.


As specified in the insight above, the love relationship this year going to drive towards better conclusions. The transition of Saturn may create a merciful atmosphere between the friends and old relationships. However, on a positive note, wedding bells are ringing for Aquarius natives this year. This seems a good time for tying knots with your soul mate.The transit of Jupiter from April in your sign will impact your fifth and seventh house, as a result of which you are most likely to get married to each other in the latter part of the year. The transition of Saturn early this year may keep you away from your partner for some time due to transfers for career growth.


The Career Horoscope for Aquarius 2021 is going to have moderate developments for the employees and Business people. However, the results going to be far better when compared with the previous year due to the presence of the Saturn. The Saturn is going to give energy and enable you to become self-motivated. The transition of Jupiter may escalate the possibilities created by the Saturn and help you achieve your set goals and objectives. This year is going to be the best year for the Start-up entrepreneurs who planned in the previous year. The confidence, energy and creativity developed by you in the last quarter of the previous year going to give you fruitful results from the month of May 2021 with the help of strong positioning of Venus.


The Finance Horoscope Aquarius 2021 is going to get slow movement towards financial stability. The transition of Saturn since the beginning of last year, you have seen ups and downs earlier. But the same is not going to be prevailed this year. The cash outflow is going to be decreased slowly and the expenses will become very negligible from the April onwards. The transition of Jupiter will help you to regain the track of prosperity and the inflow of funds will be started from the multiple sources. A sign of opening for new income source would be seen as you reach close to the end of the year. The maximum financial gains will come to you from the new business, start-up ventures and from the creative field.


The family horoscope for Aquarius 2021 is going to be a year of few setbacks, challenges, recoveries and improving overall family environment. The initial three months you and your family may face some health related minor issues. Due to the presence of Saturn, you may have to spend some money for health check ups. But the problem is not going to bring any deep troubles. Despite the issues, the family is going to stand for you when you need them. The Rahu-Ketu presence may delay the family programs. However, your self-motivated spirit will help you regain the track to bring the family together. This year the health needs greater amount of attention from you. There wouldn’t be major issues, but the issues related cough, cold and mild fever going to bother you for some time due to the transition of Saturn. You need to ensure the precautionary measures at home as per the covid guidelines given by the authorities as Rahu-Ketu transiting this year. The things will start improving from the month of April and there will be absolutely good health will be achieved by September with the support of the transition of Venus. However, the presence of Saturn suggests you to practice yoga, pranayama in addition to diet control.


The Education Horoscope for the Aquarius 2021 is the year of result oriented, focused and improved attentive towards successful completion for the students of all the fields. The Aquarius fraternity can see a huge benefits as the owner of eduction Mercury transiting in your chart. The transition of Jupiter is going to help students in the months of January to February and late April and September for their higher education. Students studying Journal Media, Information Technology and Architecture will be more likely to get better results this year. So, they have to take maximum advantage of this time according to their own way.


The Aquarius fraternity to be prepared for not to leave the planning, in-depth analysis about previous year’s debacles. They should keep in mind that the Saturn is still transiting in the Aquarius. They should be vigilant about the efforts, attempts and the track which they are moving. As fas as the negatives concerned, the health needs to be taken care by doing yoga and exercises.


The severe and destructive pandemic, the corona is about to over by the mid of the year 2021. However, the presence of the Saturn may create you health related problems. As a precaution, you need to use the face mask, hand sanitiser while using warm water for drinking. The Covid phase and the transition of Saturn indicates you to plan out for start-up venture, if you have any plans for such.


The year 2021 is a year should be dedicated to the preparation for future. The transition of Saturn is opening the room for the enormous opportunities slowly. The Jupiter will ensure you to have command over the finances. Additionally, this year is supportive for the planning for the future. If you are strategising to take up the activities with a creative approach, then this year going to be a boom for you.


The Aquarius Saturn Sade Sati started with the entry of Saturn in the Capricorn. The Saturn entered Capricorn on 24/01/2020. The Saturn is going to stay in the Capricorn till 28/04/22. The duration from 24/01/2020 to 28/04/2022 is going to be the first stage of Sade Sati for Aquarius. You have completed hardships of one year in 2020. The 2021 is going to be the rewarding year against the hard-work. If the planning and execution is good, then the results going to be lucrative. Some of the key points for you for this year are as follows.

  • Work hard with honest, attempt a holistic approach in the profession.
  • Challenges are ahead, but the results are lucrative if you come out of this phase.
  • Health related problems may arise, control with regular exercises and yoga.
  • Financial destabilisation may happen, but decisive approach will help you to get the stability.
  • There may be chances of encountering hindrances, hurdles and resistance but you would get the support of friends and relatives when needed.

Some of the below mentioned remedies can be followed, if you feel imbalanced.

  • Chant Shani Mantra “Om Praam Preem Praum Sah Shanye Namah”. (108 times)
  • Visit the nearby Shani Temple on every Saturday.
  • Have normal food on every Saturday.

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