Aries Zodiac Sign Analysis - (Sanskrit Name: Mesha)


Symbol: Ram
Ruling Planet: Mars
Zodiac quality: Cardinal
Birthstones: Red coral
Color: Red
Day: Tuesday
Element: Fire
Positive traits- Positive , Energetic , Pure , Optimistic ,Passionate
Negative traits – Anger ,Mood Swing, Stubborn,Emotinal fool



 NUMBER – 6,8 AND 9



The Aries Horoscope 2021 is going to enhance the life style, strengthen the love life relation and improve the confidence level in the professional career due to the most convenient movement of Venus and mercury. The life style improvisation is going to be far better than the earlier years. This improvisation is going to happen due to the sudden growth anticipated in your career. You are going to experience a huge up-move in your career during the first quarter of the year because Jupiter is very supportive. The effective movement of Venus and mercury will definitely create vast benefits even though there is any effect due to Saturn movement which is expected for very lesser duration during the year. You might observe the symptoms of the progress from the mid March 2021 due to strong presence of Mars in the 4th position. The same would be continued till last week of Oct 2021. If you are in political field or in pharmacy field, the life in this year is going to be challenging with the multiplying results. The aspiring entrepreneurs, young talented graduates and experienced business community can expect miraculous results during this year. This year is going be investment-friendly year for those who prefer to invest for longer time.


We have discussed the love life relations of Aries fraternity 2021, in our Insight column above. The love is going to be very pleasing, calm and also will boost the understanding level between the partners. Venus will bring a change during this year and may help your romance to reach new heights. The best friendship may turn into love and eventually may reach to most interesting relation to get engaged, which further may lead to marriage is going be the best milestone in the life. This year, especially after the month of June 2021 is going to be best for the single individuals to come close with the suitable partners. With the presence of mercury at right position, It may be possible that some of you may approve your previous sweet relationships.


 The career for Aries fraternity is going to move ahead without any barriers with the planetary positions during this year. The movement of Venus is very significant and ensure every effort from you will bring fruitful success. You may see a huge number of career opportunities this year, however the focus on choosing the right area is going to be vitally important. The businessmen, celebrities, legal professionals, medical professionals are going to have bright days after the month of June 2021. The medical and security services people must be going through the non-linear path, but the life after June 2021 going to be enjoyable and rewarded. The businessmen will get new projects, new opportunities and high value projects. Further the experienced business community may enter into new areas of operations and they may grow their team from a small set up to a large size of team. Organisations belong to agricultural domain are going to have upper edge this year after the month of Aug 2021 with the help of Jupiter. This is due to current farmer’s protest and government settlement on minimum support price (MSP) issue may bring a positive change in agricultural sector.


With reference to the Insight at beginning, the Aries 2021 finance going to bring enthusiasm and energy. The Jupiter movement in association with Venus is going to bring drastic changes after the first quarter. Apart from financial growth, this year will help you to save and also help you to accumulate considerably a very good amount of liquid funds. The long pending dues from projects, earlier investments and appreciated stock returns will help you to become financially stronger this year. There may be chances of minor expenses such as house repairs, buying of electronic equipment and shopping through e-commerce platforms which are negligible. By and large financially this year going to be far better than any other year you had experienced till now due to Mars movement from 2nd position to 4th Position.


 The family will stick together as you all maintained from couple of months. The Venus movement is vital and it travels from second to third position in the month of April 2021, which may help entire family stay connected this year. The family health is going to be better than earlier. You and your family need to take additional precautions during this Covid 19 / Corona pandemic. The older people from the age above 60 years and the kids below 10 years need to be advised to stay at home for another few months. Time to time you and your family need to do yoga and other exercises to stay fit and strong. The most happiest thing in this year is going to make you and your family strong and ensure to have better bonding.


The pressure on students is much lesser this year comparing to earlier. The mercury movement may improve the energy levels of the students. This year is a preparation for the change of their lives. Parents need to pay enough attention to their kids during this year, as the year like 2021 is not going to be available for life time. However, the online studies and it’s right effective of coaching is going to be the responsibility of the parents. The complete responsibility of the teachers has come on the parents shoulders this year. Therefore, the parents’ role has become vital during this year 2021 in terms of kids studies.


The health predictions for the Aries Horoscope 2021 is very good and there are no any serious issues. But the government guidelines need to be followed especially regarding the ongoing pandemic. You need to be away from crowded areas and also you need to ensure your family shouldn’t go any crowded areas. The Business after this pandemic is going to be good, however do not prefer for huge investment. As much as possible, cancel the travel plans this year. The travelling may bring adverse effects, if planned before June 2021. Job holders, do not take decision to quit the existing job. Buying new vehicle may not be a good idea this year.


 Aries horoscope 2021 has strong support from Mars and Jupiter due to which the Pandemic will show very little effect. Currently the world is passing through a very delicate situation, the corona pandemic. The world facing two emergencies at the moment, one is financial emergency and other one is medical emergency. This would have implications to everyone but it wouldn’t effect Aries fraternity this year 2021. The important aspect of this pandemic is it has opened up new opportunities for Business community belong to pharmacy. This is the best time to business community to focus on immunity based products. The Aries Horoscope 2021, with the strong support of Venus, may bring new opportunities for the entrepreneurs dealing with the anti-covid products and immunity related products.


 To safeguard your family and yourself, you need to take additional precautions. The health and immunity is going be very good this year, but it is equally important to use the mask and sanitiser. The work and business are two important aspects in our life, but living for long with good health is equally important. Therefore, avoid going to crowd areas and maintain one yard distance with the fellow citizens.

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