Capricorn Zodiac Sign Analysis ( Sanskrit Name -Makar )


Ruling Planet: Saturn
Zodiac quality: Cardinal
Birthstones: Blue Sapphire
Color: Black
Day: Saturday
Element: Earth
Positive traits- kind , disciplined,Trustable
Negative traits – Anger,

Positive traits – God beliver ,disciplined,
Negative traits- Anger, Moody


LUCKY COLOUR –  Purple, Green, Brown, Black, Blue

LUCKY NUMBER –  6, 8, 12, 21

LUCKY ALPHABET –  E, I, O, B, P, S, Bho, Ja, Ji, Jee, Khi, Khee, Khoo, Khey, Jhi,


The Capricorn Horoscope 2021 is going to be a successful, joyful and victorious with the help of technical, innovative and prompt application of energy, ideas and hard-work with respect to the time. The Saturn transition is going to give you good results provided you work hard and ensure you are strengthened enough to face the challenges. The Jupiter transition would ensure you to maintain a balance between the expenses and income. You cannot avoid these challenges but you ought to overcome them to become a better person. You may get opportunities for career development and your personal life is going to be improved. You should keep your calm and manage to remain calm during challenging situations. The transition of Venus is favourable for you to develop business network, developing new relationships, identifying best life partners which may drive towards a fruitful conclusion. Your professional energy is at its best, and you may have the determination and thirsty to achieve your objectives.


The Capricorn love relationship 2021 is going to be good and pleasing throughout the year. The presence of Jupiter and Saturn in your First house will bless you with a kind and humble nature. Furthermore, you would find several ways to refresh love and passion in your marriage. The transition of Rahu-Ketu in the fifth house is going to bring amazing happiness in your love life, due to which you can go to any extent or take steps to further improve your relationship with your loved one. The transition of Venus in conjunction with Mercury cautions you to be prepared for the scheduled discussions. Have control over the words and attitude. If you are able to get clear about your expectations and desires within a romantic relationship, luck may bring a good news. The period from September to November is going to be most favourable for you.


The career and professional horoscope is going to put you on better track this year due to your hard work especially during January, February and March. The transition of Saturn and Jupiter together may be ready to bring good results against unfavourable situations, if you are entangled. The efforts put-in by you will be rewarded timely for the people of all fields. You need to adhere to the basics, own talents, technical knowledge and professional knowledge. This would enable you to achieve more and more success due to the transition of Jupiter. There is a possibility of getting promotions and salary increments in work area. You will do your job using your capabilities and it will attract the attention of your superiors and colleagues. If you are into any business, then this year’s time will be yours from the very beginning of the year. You have to make efforts to upgrade your work by adopting new methods. There are chances of getting high profile projects this year for the business professionals, individual entrepreneurs and cine-entrepreneurs.


The finance horoscope this year is going to grow gradually as the year progresses. The initial few months, there are chances of you to spending on your new venture, children educations, or may be towards the medical treatment. The transition of Saturn is going to provide you a room to develop the financial conditions, however it needs your analysis, assessment and conducive decisions. The transit of Jupiter will be in the second house of your sign, which will eradicate all your financial troubles. With this, the end of the year i.e. in the month of December, you may gain special benefits.


The family atmosphere and the health for Capricorn this year is going to be better, if the necessary precautions be taken during the month of February and March. The Mars transition in the beginning of the year, it indicates you to care for mother’s health. Apart from the regular medicines, she needs your care and attention. The Saturn and Jupiter transition is going to help you to maintain good health for family, spouse and kids. Those suffering from high BP, diabetes and joint pain will find some relief. The family atmosphere is going to be relatively better than normal. The Saturn transition would help family members to share and care each other in every occasion. The Venus transition would help to build new relationship in the month of January. The Mars transition in the month of February help you to have better relationship with the children in the family. The better environment experience within the family may compel you to stay away from the office environment. So, you need to balance the family and the business affairs carefully during this year.


The Education Horoscope for the Capricorn indicates that the students can be able to make excellent academic progress throughout the year. The Saturn transition may make you to work-hard during the initial months, but you would maintain your success rate better than before. The presence of Rahu-Ketu will empower you to win over the toughest challenges ahead. You will remain focused on your studies and will perform well on the academic front. Try and meditate in order to strengthen your concentration power. The students who are dreaming of going abroad for studies may get admission in foreign colleges or universities, preferably they can choose the period from August to December.


The Saturn transition in conjunction with Jupiter cautions you about two things that is, about the buying of new home and planning to take a new vehicle. The preparations should be to plan for vehicle in the month of November and December. Also be prepared to avoid huge investment at once on new home. The only negative is this year, probably a stranger may interfere in your family matters. So, avoid consulting any one for suggestions regarding family matters.


The highly disastrous pandemic, the corona which dismantled the global economy due to which few are benefited and few are preparing to take advantage of it. This is highly advantageous to you, since the Saturn transiting and waiting to open enormous opportunities in the multiple fields. You need to work hard and stick to your vision.


The year 2021 is completely a year of planning for you. Due to the help of the transition of Jupiter and Saturn, more the time you spend in the planning closer you reach towards the success orbit. Leaving the months of Feb and March, remaining period is highly supportive for you to plan for the rest of the life. The transition opportunity you are not going to get in another thirty years. This is the best time to plan for the future.


The Dhaiya (2.5 years of Saturn Transition) started on 24 Jan 2020. This Stage will come to an end, when the Saturn will enter into Aquarious on 29 Apr 2022. Therefore, the Second stage of Saturn Sade Sati is transiting for the Capricorn fraternity. There are absolutely no reasons to get worry. The worst days have bygone. This is the time to rethink and re-strategise and re-planing the activities with renewed vision. There are few advantages, which you need to capitalise as follows.

Complete support from parents.

Advantage over ancestral property.

Closeness in the love relationship from more than one

Business progress is possible, if worked hard.

Highest chances for the start-up ventures

Possible of getting funding approval from the private equity companies

If you still find the situations are challenging, the following are the remedies.

Visit the nearby Shani Temple on every Saturday.

Have normal food on every Saturday.

Chant Shani Mantra “Om Praam Preem Praum Sah Shanye Namah”

Read Hanuman Chalisa on every Tuesday.

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