Leo Zodiac Sign Analysis ( Sanskrit Name -Singhh)

Leo Zodiac

Ruling Planet: Sun
Zodiac quality: Fixed
Birthstones: Ruby
Color: Gold,Yellow
Day: Sunday
Element: Fire
Positive traits- Ruler, faithful, Kind, Extreme Hardworking,focused
Negative traits – Arrogant, Angery man, Rigid


LUCKY COLOUR – Orange, yellow, gold




The Leo Horoscope 2021 is going to begin with the ample of opportunities in every field relatively better than earlier years. The Venus is going to play very good role and ensure you to be comfortable and stable throughout the year, financially. The movement of Rahu-ketu to the tenth house is going to reward the good results for start-ups, employees for their career growth, students, individual entrepreneurs, politicians, insurance associates, pharmacy associates and the people associated with the small and big screen industries. There are mixed results are going to be experienced by the Leo fraternity as Jupiter moves to second house. Those individuals who wish to buy their dream house will witness a fulfilment of their wishes during this time in between the months of February and April. You may face tough times but you will have the ability to come out of them bravely. You should concentrate on work-related matters in the month of May. It is a good time for those seeking a change and looking for job.


The Love Horoscope Leo 2021 this year shows strong indication towards the love marriages due to powerful impact of the sun. The Venus has occupied a significant position this year and help you get a good partner. If the friendship is shown interest from you, it is quite possible that the partner can become good friend as a result it can covert to have permanent bonding with the same partner. The attention will be on you and this will carry on through the years in future, with the movement of Venus in first week of October, making love more sincere and exceptional. Ensure that no misunderstanding crops up between the two of you to maintain the sanctity of your relationship. Due to the Jupiter movement in the month of November, you would sense, as if you’ve been with your partner forever and there may be a sense of having known one another for long time. Always try to take time to present your ideas about the future planning and marriage plans.


The Leo Career Horoscope 2021 will provide innumerable achievements throughout the year except in the month of Feb. This would happen due to Venus transition from the first week of January. During the beginning of the year, the planet Mars will remain positioned in the ninth house of your sign because of which, not only your career will shine, but you will also make good relations with everyone at the workplace. There are chances of you sensing some bad element around you. This will happen because your success rate is going to be high this year due to the simultaneous movement of two planets Saturn and Jupiter.


The Finance Leo 2021 is going to receive remarkably good results from the month of May this year as Mercury is going enter in the end-April in it’s position. The beginning of this year is going to start with great success but financially things may be not pleasant. The new start-up would give you fulfilling and rewarding results from initial stage itself. If you make enough efforts then you will be able to accumulate a reasonably a good amount of wealth. During the period of August and October this year, you will be able to obtain economic success on the account of your income and the help provided by your family members. You should focus more on increasing the inflow of your income. Anyone who is planning to go for investment in 2021, they might have to take a step back and think again as this year may not be favourable for them.


The presence of Rahu-Ketu in your fourth house, the family environment this year going to be calm with the neutral results. There are strong chances of fulfilling of their dreams towards new house construction or new flat booking or entering into new house due to the transit of Jupiter in the sixth house. The Venus moves in the month of May first week, you’ll feel supportive of your family members, taking great pride in fulfilling your obligations, responsibilities and duties. The cooperation and support from the friends and close relatives will be extended to you with the transition of Mars in the month of Aug and Sep 2021.


The Leo Education horoscope 2021 is quite favourable for students from the time period between January and April. Thereafter, few days in the months of May, June, July and August will prove to be challenging for you. If you are taking part in any kind of Competitive exams, then the months from April until September may prove to be challenging. Attempting with fullest potential, best around this time may give birth a brighter future ahead. Therefore, you are advised to remain extremely careful and focus on your hard work during these months. It is highly advised that you should meet with some experienced people, teachers or well-wishers to get good support for your grades and achievements.


The Leo 2021 suggests the married couple to be cautious during the months of April and September. Children going to bring good results, however they need enough attention, good care and personal counselling from parents. You should increase number of visits to your parents, if they are staying away from you to get their blessings. You might face some challenges on the health front. This is due to you may be effected by the diseases associated with the indigestion, headache, and insomnia.


The curve of covid coming down as per the worldwide studies. The Rahu-Ketu movement this year during the first months cautions you to care for the health of parents, kids and yourself. You need to follow strictly, the guidelines given by the government to use of face-mask, hand sanitiser and frequent hand wash. This pandemic also opened opportunities to start a career in the pharmacy industry. The start-ups can focus to enter into the industry related to the anti-covid products. Also the established companies can start a diversification in the new areas those provided by the Corona, the pandemic.


The year is going to be good, if you try and understand the utilisation of efforts during right period. The results going to be slow in first two months due to Rahu-Ketu. So, you should not experiment any new during this period. The love life is going to be good, but be cautious during the month of September. The financial condition is going to be good, but you shouldn’t go for big investments during the months of Jan and Feb.

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