LIBRA Zodiac Sign Analysis (Sanskrit Name -TULA)


Ruling Planet: Venus
Zodiac quality: Cardinal
Birthstones: Diamond, opel
Color: Pink
Day: friday
Element: Air
Positive traits- Attractive ,Socialize , Quick witted, Practical
Negative traits – staright forward (never think before speak) Over Confident


LUCKY COLOUR –  White, and Light blue

LUCKY NUMBER –  6, 7, 15, 24

LUCKY ALPHABET –  Ra, Rhi, Rhu, Ta, Thee, Te


The Libra Horoscope 2021 indicates that the year is going to be enthusiastic and energetic environment with the flow of success from all aspects of life due to the transition of Saturn and Jupiter. The transit of Saturn and Jupiter will be encouraging and help to take up more responsibilities which would drive further towards fruitful results. The expenses and financial gains will travel parallel this year. If the financial gains be bigger, the expenses also happen to improve profile building. The month of August is going to be very strong and a wonderful time to begin investing your hard earned money due to the movement of Mercury in the last week. Mercury further help you to overcome the challenges ahead in career growth. Also during this year, the transition of Saturn will also be on your tenth house, because of which you will keep working hard during the entire year. The Venus movement in the first week of October will help you obtaining valuable inputs from your superiors and well wishers that would help you drive towards the successful achievement of your objectives and set goals.


The Love Horoscope for Libra 2021 indicates that the journey of love will be smooth, enthralling and congenial. You are going to experience the thrilling entry of new people who are going to be the biggest reason for your jump for joy. The presence of Venus that will give you power of maturity to handle every situation with your partner. You are in high spirits and develop faith in others which makes people feel very attracted to you in turn. In the month of Feb the Valentine’s Day of 2021 will also remain quite special for you because it is expected that your affection towards each other will increase gradually. The months of February, May, July and December will also prove to be quite lucky for you. Overall, it can be said that a good time will come into the forefront in your love life when you will finally acknowledge that your partner is lucky for you. During this year, many people will prove to be lucky in love. Many others can get married to their soul mates during this year. The time period between April and mid September will bring happiness for you, since you will work towards the happiness of your relationship and make it an important aspect of your life. This will strengthen your relationship and provide it with depth. There are possible indications for big dreams getting true as Mars moves in the first week of September.


The Libra Career Horoscope 2021 indicates that the June and July are the months are going to be luckiest period comparing to other months. From the end January, you bring a very positive attitude to your career and plenty of motivation that allows you to network with ease and build a very strong body of support. You begin to think about the expansion of your business and growing income with the support of Mercury in the first week of September. The transition of Jupiter in the first week of November, because of which you will receive success against your efforts of switching jobs. The new job opportunity will definitely prove to be better than previous. Libra people who are associated with business should pay attention towards those trade ventures which are related to social activities. This will ensure the prosperity and success of your business venture.


The Finance Libra 2021 indicates that the financial conditions will not only improve but the stability also going to be maintained. This is due to your wide variety of thought processes and hard-work with the support of Venus transition. There are chances of you may be inclined towards the ambience of home interiors and the purchase of modern luxurious items, this is obvious as your stability is going to be increasing. However, be cautious of heavy outflow of funds with lesser frequency. The third week of July is favourable for the investments and during this week, you are going to have the transition of Venus.


The Libra Health Horoscope 2021 indicates that the transition of Venus during the first week of January which suggests you to focus on socialisation in bringing together. You need to take up multiple activities as an event manager to encourage and motivate each and every member of the facility to stay together. The transition of Mars in the first week of June may create temporary pause in your activities, but the clean focus on your objectives would help you regain the track. By and large, the health going to be fine in the family. However, you need to take care of elders who are above 60 years of age and kids below 10 years age group. The transition of Jupiter suggests you to carry out physical exercises, yoga and meditation regularly. This would give you and your family a great relief from the current situation.


The Libra Health Horoscope 2021 is supported by transition of Jupiter and enable the students to get success in the creative fields. Apart from the Jupiter, the Saturn also going to be supportive during this year. The students, who are opting to change the streams, preferring to shift to worthy institutions are going to get good support from the movement of the planets. However, it is highly important for you to foresee the future growth prior taking any drastic step.


The Libra 2021 suggests you to be prepared about the family relations due to Venus transition. The transition of Venus again brings new people in the life, therefore there is a need of analytical assessments prior approving them for the longer relations. The Jupiter indicates the switching of jobs during the month of November, so you need to take a calculative decision to move ahead. There are few negatives for business community who should avoid heavy investments and for the students who may shift to other streams, which some times need extra precautions.


The problems are always bring innumerable opportunities. The corona made entire world to go for rest for some time. However, the transition of Jupiter advises the entire family of Libra fraternity to follow the instructions given by WHO and local authorities. You need to ensure the use of face mask, hand sanitiser and the drinking of hot water for whole family. This is going to be great opportunity for the start-up organisations to begin a new product related to the production of the anti-covid products.


The year going to be successful, fruitful and profitable for the people of all sectors especially those who carry out the activities related to creatively. The transition of Saturn and Jupiter is going to influence and holds up the positive movements for the people in the Business irrespective of whichever product they are dealing with. Try and ensure to apply some creativity in your field to get the larger benefits.

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