Pisces Zodiac Sign Analysis ( Sanskrit Name -Meen)

Pisces Zodiac

Ruling Planet: Jupiter
Zodiac quality: Mutable
Birthstones: Yellow Sapphire
Color: Yellow
Day: Thursday
Element: Water
Positive traits- Intellectual, Diplomatic , clever
Negative traits -Negativite, sensitive ,too much fear


LUCKY COLOUR –  Orange, Yellow, Pink

LUCKY NUMBER  – 7, 12, 34, 43



The Pisces Horoscope 2021 is going to be the year of rich profits, prosperity and immense success. The presence of Sun and the transition of Saturn together would show a momentum and drive you towards the profit environment. The profitable environment will be created by the career growth, business prospects, multiple previous investment sources, good business dealings, commitment from the customers and thrilling offers for the producers, modelling offers & reality shows. You will get the reward of your hard work in initial part and last phase of the year. The transition of Jupiter in the House of gains may help you to get many opportunities to expand your business. The creative entrepreneurs and celebrities may plan an International trip this year. The atmosphere will be further going to be improved when the Jupiter transits in conjunction with the Saturn. There is a high possibility that you may plan monetary and financial matters very well at the start of the year. Accordingly, there will be new plans for investments that may give you better returns and gains. You may see a good growth in your investment portfolio in the stocks, mutual funds and relevant investments this year.


The love Horoscope Pisces 2021 is going to give you a good experience with several good occasions, however there are few disappointing situations may arise due to the effect of Saturn transition. The month of January to April, there are strong chances of you getting married due to the aspect of Jupiter. Some people may tie the knot and walk down the aisle. Your love for each other will increase in the latter part of the year, also as predicted disputes are likely to arise from September to November. You need to maintain cool and should deal the situations very politely. The Youngsters are going to have pleasurable journey during this year. There are indications of happiness in marriage. There would be love and commitment between the partners. Your husband will make you feel like a queen. The partners will pamper each other with loads of love. All this will help in creating a positive atmosphere at home. The movement of Mercury may bring you cheerfulness, delightedness and contentedness.


The Career Horoscope for Pisces 2021 is a year of luck, improved version of career and business environment and most importantly the year is going to be smooth ride without any barriers. The transition of Jupiter in the eleventh house is going to place you in an advantageous orbit where you can be able to turn the tables to your side. But, you need to maintain a healthy relationship with seniors and high-ranking officials at your workplace. This relationship could be beneficial for you in the long run. If you are in search of job for a long time, this year going to provide you plenty options to choose a right one. Such people can be able to get the job as per their professional capabilities. The Businessmen who are waiting for the good projects, this year is going to bring good news for them. The individuals who have invested a lot into the start-ups are going to get good movement this year, especially those who are associated with anti-covid products, sports, entertainment and advertising industries.


The Finance Horoscope Pisces 2021 is an indicative of raising above previous achievements, accomplishments and synergising of both. The transition of Mars is going to produce unimagined results from vivid sources and also going to create new permanent income sources. The transition of Saturn may help you maintaining better stability over the financial conditions this year. Due to the transition of Jupiter, your expenses will increase in accordance with your income in few months of this year, which will affect your financial condition significantly. You need to take special care of your actions here. Prefer to invest money, if it indicates an appreciation in future. You will be able to manage your finances in a right-way and invest in new ventures. The transition of Saturn in your chart indicates high-income gains.


The family horoscope for Pisces 2021 is an atmosphere of amicability, stability and solidarity amongst the members of the family. The transition of Saturn is going to ensure a better bonding between you and your parents. You might be offered the better share out the ancestral property this year. Apart from this, you or your family members can also earn good income through house rent. Your siblings’ attitude towards you is going to be very favorable. Apart from this, this year is going to be very optimistic for them as well. Your health will remain good this year. But this doesn’t mean that you completely, leave the care and attention, you carried out for last one year for the anti-covid precautionary measures. The transit of Jupiter will help you enhance the power of immunity, however, you need to do regular exercises, yoga and pranayama without fail.


The Education Horoscope Pisces 2021 is year of interesting in results, interesting challenges and exciting competitions. The Saturn is in your fifth house will make your competitive exams slightly difficult than you expected. At the Same time, the Jupiter transition will help you come out of the challenges. You will gain highly favourable results of your hard work before the end of this year, i.e. mainly between September to November this year. The students who are preparing for competitive exams will incur prosperous results, especially from April to May and August to September, time will be highly favourable. During this time, you will succeed in every examination with better percentage. This year, if you put efforts technically and retain your concentration, you will be able to score better percentage with the help of Jupiter’s transition.


The Pisces Horoscope this year suggests you to develop a vision this year, for future. As this year is very good for you in terms of finance and career, you need to be prepared for the 2022. In the year 2022, the first stage of Saturn Sade Sati is going to begin for the Pisces fraternity. Nothing to worry about the first stage. Instead, this year you can prepare for good vision to start something of your own. You can also think to save a large amount of money. You can also be prepared to enhance the immunity power.


The life threat pandemic, the corona phase dismantled the whole world. However, you are completely out of danger, even the entry of new strain which has developed in Europe and centred in United Kingdom. The Saturn and Jupiter is safeguarding you from every threat & danger and you will be further placed in safe zone during this whole year. However, you need to follow the guidelines to use of face-mask, hand sanitiser and avoid entering crowded zones. However, this pandemic opened opportunities to come out with new concepts to start new businesses related to the anti-covid products. The period is highly suitable for the aspirating entrepreneurs to step into new areas of business domain.


The year 2021 is going to give you every thing you wanted. Whatever the efforts put in by you, those were equally going to be rewarded. This year is very good for those, who enters the market with new businesses or start-ups. You will also spend on luxuries and by the end of the year you may buy your dream vehicle. There are good signs ahead in this year that you may buy a new home this year. With respect to health of family, you need to be careful and follow a routine to carry out regular exercises, yoga and pranayama for the development of immunity armour.

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