Sagittarius Zodiac Sign Analysis (Sanskrit Name -Vrischik)


Ruling Planet: Jupiter
Zodiac quality: Mutable
Birthstones: Yellow Saphhire
Color: yellow
Day: Thursday
Element: fire
Positive traits- Good sense of humour, Simple living high thinking
Negative traits – Too kind ,Too emotinal , Weak strategy


LUCKY COLOUR –  Lemon Yellow, Light Green, Classic Grey

LUCKY NUMBER – 3, 9, 12, 21, 24, 33,



The Sagittarius Horoscope 2021 has entered into last stage of Saturn Sade Sati. The turbulence at business, career, education and various other areas is over. The Saturn is slowly open a door of success in every field. The transition of Jupiter further strengthens the positive environment around you. You need to quickly come out of previous debacles to stand strong psychologically. The transition of Sun and Mercury will play a great role in enhancing the health conditions. This year is highly favourable for the people who wants to buy a home or enhance the ambience of their home interiors. The Saturn is extending a great help in winning prestigious contracts for Businessmen, new career for employees, better opportunities for artists & celebrities, high profile cases for the legal practitioners and miraculous breakthrough to the start-up entrepreneurs. The transition of Jupiter is going to improve the financial conditions and also help you to find out new income sources.


The Sagittarius love relationship in this year 2021 is going to regain the track of best ever refreshed and progressive environment. The transition of Venus will enable you to stand as most favourite and accepted person in the hearts of your partner. The relation would be better than earlier. The bonding would be stronger than previous years. Married couples would be able to spend better time at home this year. The transition of Mars is going to increase the patience and strengthen you to deal the situations aligned to your future goals. It is the right opportunity for those who want to move forward in their lives with a love relationship. You are going to see the good cooperation from elders and friends, if you choose to tie the knot. The moon sign is going create positive and bright environment for lovers and married couple.


The career and professional horoscope is going to pick up this year slowly as you are in the last stage of Saturn transitions. The Venus is going to create abundant opportunities in every field. The months of January, May, June, August, September and December will prove to be important for you. The essentially is to keep working hard, as you will definitely get good results this year. There are vast chances of salary increment and promotions especially during May and June. The transition of Jupiter help you to enhance your skills of presentations which is going to help the job holders to convince their superiors. This also is going help business community to convince their customers. Also the start-up ventures can be able to give good presentations to the private equity companies, funding managers and Bankers.


The finance horoscope this year going to elevate your stability and increase your wealth. The Saturn is going to open doors for you to bring money from various channels. You are going to be profitable this year, however due to the presence of Rahu Ketu, you may incur expenses pertaining to business expansion. There are chances of building humongous amounts of money this year. The Saturn’s transition will prove to be favourable for the Sagittarius fraternity as it would bless them with some good money making opportunities. The inflow of income would also improve by April 2021 due to the conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter. The period from the beginning of July to the end of October is going to be productive and progressive.


The family atmosphere and the health conditions are going to be good despite the aggressive presence of pandemic globally. The transition of Mars is going to give good support to keep the family dealings calm and positive. The planets movement of Saturn in conjunction with the Mars is going to give strength to each member of family to cooperate, communicate and mingle paying respect to others. There will be an atmosphere of happiness in the house throughout the year. Possibility of marriage or childbirth in the family will bring a lot of happiness. The family atmosphere further brighten as a result you may bring out your hidden hobby and may join in some music classes. The health conditions of all family members will be good, however you need to follow the guidelines issued by the authorities. The transition of Rahu-Ketu, may trouble children with cough and sneezing which are not going to be serious.


The education horoscope for the Sagittarius fraternity is going to bring achievements especially in the competitive exams. The Rahu-Ketu are going to be supportive and sympathetic towards the students to put maximum efforts to ensure they are technically strong in their studies. The Saturn in conjunction with Jupiter will also enable students to secure good percentage in JEE, CAT, NDA, CDS and other relevant entrance examinations. They are going to get good support from their favourite lecturers, professors and counsellors, if they try to approach in time. This year the students need to prepare multiple books of different writers to make their concepts more clear and elaborative.


The Saturn is going to be good supportive and the chances of facing negatives are very less. However, due to presence of Rahu-Ketu, you need to take care of anti-covid precautions, especially for elders and kids. The Jupiter in conjunction with Saturn is going to support in multiple fields for the people belong to all the sectors. There are highest chances for Business community, individual entrepreneurs and Startup organisations to get the opportunities from their respective customers.


The perturbing and troublesome threat, the pandemic, the corona created a massive crisis across world. However it has created and opened doors for the new opportunities with the ending of second stage of Saturn Sade Sati. The Sagittarius fraternity may get good benefits, if they utilise this time to develop a business model related to the anti-covid essentials. The transition of Jupiter is going to be highly favourable during this year for the individuals who are going to chase their dreams. .


The returns started flowing slowly as you have come out of second stage of Sade Sati last year. Next few years are going to be glorious and full of pleasurable, delightful and fabulous. The days of hard work is over, now the time is going to bring the results of earlier hard-work. The Jupiter transition would help you to chase your dreams and ensure you are going to be successful in every field, if you are entering with the in-depth planning.


The SAGITTARIUS Horoscope is transiting in the last stage of the Saturn Sade Sati. The Saturn dhaiya started on 27/10/2017 and it ended on 23/01/20. The Saturn entering into Capricorn on 24/01/20, your stage of dhaiya transition is completed. The previous years were very unfavourable where you travelled through a rough patch. This year and next one and half years, the Saturn is going to open doors of opportunities slowly in every field. The last stage of Saturn Sade Sati will be completed on 29/04/2022, when the Saturn enters into Aquarius. The slow and steady happy days are as follows. Maintain a flexible approach to enhance wealth and income sources. Consistent efforts required to build the family environments. Precautionary measures required to keep the health strong. Regular physical exercises are to be carried out to achieve mental strength. Proper diet chart to be followed to improve immunity power. Long pending visions to be explored to have success in your dream field. The period after 29/04/2022 is glorious. Have in-depth planning and be ready to grab the opportunities after this period.

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