Scorpio Zodiac Sign Analysis (Sanskrit Name -Vrischik)

Scorpio Zodiac

Ruling Planet: Mars
Zodiac quality: fixed
Birthstones: Red coral
Color: Red
Day: Tuesday
Element: Water
Positive traits- Confident, passionate, Leadership quality, Very smart
Negative traits – Aggresive, jealous, Over sensitive ,secretive


LUCKY COLOUR  – Yellow, red, Orange

LUCKY NUMBER –  3, 4, 9

LUCKY ALPHABET – D, C, H, M, To, Tho, Na, Ne, Ya, Noo, Yoo


The Scorpio Horoscope 2021 is going to make your life, a most memorable in this year from the perspective of career achievements, financial achievements and overseas travels due to the transition of Mars. The transition of Rahu-Ketu is going to drive you to work intelligently and help you maintain good balance over the official works and personal tasks. The year is going to reward you scintillating start with full of energy and enthusiasm to explore innumerable options. The transition of Saturn and Jupiter is going to enable you to move courageously to accomplish successful results throughout the year. The planets will further help you to take right decisions in every segment from “start-up organisations to established business enterprises,” “from retail outlets to mega mall owners,” “from freshers to senior management executives,” “from interns to matured professionals” and “early stage artists to the mega star celebrities. The atmosphere during the year going to be very much supportive to the love relationships and the newly married couples. The individual entrepreneurs, start-ups and the businessmen can see a big development in the financial aspects.


The Scorpio love relationship this year is suggesting to have a strategic, analytic and evaluative approach to proceed head. This approach definitely enable you to settle with the best option that you have around you. As a result of this approach and the Saturn transition, you should have to ensure that a greater commitment in love and better romantic relationships flows from your partner. The Venus movement in the last week of Jan would make you strong to deal every affair and help you remain calculative. There are possible chances of falling in love in Feb due to the transition of Mars and suggests you to observe the commitment from the partner. The couples can enjoy an excellent respect, increased love and a reasonable mutual understanding during debates. The Jupiter transition in the month of April rewards you better time, where you can prefer your good relationships, changing into best and permanent relationships. The month of June is going to be the happiest month for all age people and you may enjoy a best part of your life due to the transition of Venus. The relationship may conclude with a happier note during the last two months of this year, the November and December, the couples may take an extreme step to settle as permanent partners.


The scorpio career and profession horoscope this year indicates you to win a fight against the lethargy and hesitation as Saturn is occupied your third house. But this year is fairly good for the people looking for a job change. The new position would require additional effort to prove yourself. That is exactly the Saturn is looking at you to go up in the ladder. Although the Saturn take out additional effort from you, but the transition of Sun and Venus would create an ample of opportunities in private and government sectors. The people anticipating for promotion would definitely be rewarded by the transition of Venus. As the year supportive for start-up and they need to work hard during the first two months of year to get good results from the month of May onwards. The pharmacy entrepreneurs, facility and agrarian industries are going have upper edge during this year apart from the other sectors. The aspiring media entrepreneurs may look for a start-up as the year is supportive for strong foundation.


According to Scorpio 2021, the finance is going to have minimal amount of cash outflow at the beginning of the year. However the same will not be continued for whole year. The transition of Jupiter would help largely in raising the capital from multiple sources. There may be occasions where some disputes may arise in contractual related issues. But those can be resolved with the attempt of amicable approach. The long outstanding payments may flow to you this year to help you maintain good balance with the strong support of Mercury. This year going to be very much pleasant for the aggressive individuals who wants to take up new challenges while chasing their dreams.


The Scorpio Horoscope 2021 indicates that the family would have full of busy schedules with the visits of new guests at home. The transition of Jupiter makes comfortable to steer every agenda to a right conclusion. The atmosphere in the family is going to be warm and cosy. Due to the conjunction of Jupiter with the Saturn, there are chances of the best support from family this year. The Mars is transiting in sixth house and it indicates to be careful of health relates issues especially the chronic and persisting for long time constantly. The beginning three months till March going to be crucial where you need to take care of elders and children.


The Education Horoscope for Scorpio 2021 suggests you to be prepared for the challenges this year. As the Jupiter occupied the third house and it suggests the students to work hard in the initial three months. If the students diligently keep stick to the plannings, they definitely overcome the negative effect. The favourable months for the higher education are Jan to Apr and Sep to Nov. The students are going to have a good progress this year. The transition of Saturn with the Jupiter is going to give you good results in the key entrance examinations. The students willing to go for the technical, medical and space are going to have biggest advantage this year.


The Mars for the health and the Saturn for the family are cautions you to not to take any serious steps during the first three months. If you stick to healthy food, good sleep and daily yoga, the health wouldn’t have any problem. Again if you avoid frequent meeting and serious discussions, the family atmosphere also going to be smooth this year. The beginning of two months the cashflow going to be slow. Be cautious while planning for outflow of funds.


The ongoing corona, the pandemic is not completely over yet. There is a need of essential precautions as Mars indicates for Scorpio fraternity. You need to take care of elders and kids till the covid vaccination reaches you. It is important to follow the covid guidelines given by the authorities time to time. This phase is biggest opportunity to the researchers and the organisations connected to research to try and identify the changing dynamics of the covid-19 virus. The start-up organisations, pharmacy organisations and the organisations looking for good business model can take this opportunity to introduce the products related immunity, anti-covid or any relevant ingredients.


This year is going to be highly successful and going to be most memorable for the Scorpio fraternity, if they rightly follow the planets movements explained the insight, career and finance. Except the negative effect in the first three months due to Mars and Saturn, rest of the year is going to be positive atmosphere. The financial growth is good. The career is going to be elevated with the support of Venus. There is going to be fantastic understanding between the partners and married couples. Summarily, the year going to be progressive and pleasant.


The Scorpio Horoscope came out of Sade Sati and the painful years are over now with the Saturn entering in Capricorn on 24/01/2020. The last 7.5 years you faced innumerable challenges. The Saturn Sade Sati started for Scorpio on 04/08/2012 and the effect was prevailed till 23/01/2020. The upcoming years from here going to be bed of roses for you. The happy days are ahead for you as follows. Good opportunities to celebrate with the family. Exciting phase in Career growth with salary increment and promotions. Students will get good support from teachers and superiors. Improved financial stability with good savings.

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