Cancer Zodiac Sign Analysis - (Sanskrit Name: kark)


Ruling Planet: Moon
Zodiac quality: Cardinal
Birthstones: Pearl
Color: White
Day: Monday
Element: Water
Positive traits- Out the world thinking, emotional, persuasive,Expressive
Negative traits – fluctuation in mind, ,insecure ,fear


LUCKY COLOUR – Pink, red, white

LUCKY NUMBER – 8, 10, 14



The Cancer Horoscope 2021 is going to be considered as the winner against the new challenges, hurdles and resistance to enter into new world of success, glory and triumph. The strong presence of Saturn will give you success only when you show highest desire to achieve your goals. The reasonable support from the Mars is going to create energy to sail through the hurdles and barriers ahead in your life. The Business professionals, employees and students would get marginal benefit from Jupiter. This planet is going to help you to come out of the negative effect created by the Saturn. However, every person who belong to Cancer, they have to seriously work hard in this year 2021. The Jupiter would show positive effect on raising the sources of income and it would help you to become financially strong this year. If you anticipate any misunderstandings or you feel someone is hurt due to you, in such case you need to show immediate response to defuse the situation.


The first two months of this year is going to be the preparation time for the better for whole year and this is due to the presence of Saturn. The partners of the older relationship are going to analyse, review and try to find the best out of previous interactions. During the period from Feb to mid April, you would come out of the misunderstandings, clashes and the egos due to the right support of Venus movement to second position. The period after the April and till the end of the year the life is going to be enjoyable and you would feel freshness in the relation. The movement of Jupiter would definitely going to help singles after the month of May this year. The new season, new environment and overall the singles are going to enjoy fantastic love life. The married couple would get good and refreshed life after the month of April. The understanding and bonding further good after and during the month of September and October this year as Venus moves to sixth place.


The month of Oct and Sep are going to be peak for your career life and you would notice that every goal is achieved by this time. Due to Saturn is in its own house, it would make you work hard, try hard and ensure you to bring out your fullest efforts. However, the pleasing part is that the transit of Jupiter will ease you and help you to achieve every thing that you had visualised. The individuals who are engaged in business ventures will be rewarded with few favourable outcomes due to the presence of Saturn and Jupiter in your seventh house. During this time period, your transactions will earn sizeable margins. And a prosperous period will also be wanting to come into your life and place you in the leading position.


The finance guidelines for Cancer 2021 comes with an advice to move slowly during the first two months of this year. This year finance charts will show a slow movement from the beginning of year with the right movement Venus. You should be careful and should take adequate precautions to not to take the decisions based on just advices given by others. In the month of Sep, you will see a favourable time for you where you are going to develop your financial stability. There are chances for you improving economic benefits from multiple sources. Searching for different ways to make your money for you, should be your mission and you should approach experts in relevant the field. Overall, you are going to see the good accumulation of wealth by the end of this year.


This year, it is going to be harmony and peace in your home, an atmosphere of energy and enthusiasm, a great space for positive health and recoveries. This is due to the presence and supportive planets of Venus and Jupiter. You’ll feel joyful, light and spirited which makes your friendships and relationships far more enjoyable and largely stress free. In the month of Early May Venus movement is going to favour the health improvisation of your parents. This time will bring happiness into your life. The blessing from your mother will help you this year to have happy and joyful time due to Mars movement in the month of End-Aug. However, you need to be careful regarding health in first two months. It is highly advised to you to keep your elders and kids away from outside food.


The success is going to be very high during this year, if you are taking part in Competitive exams. The early part of Feb and the month of Sep are going to be most favourable period for the students with the right movement of Mars to the third position in your chart. You will pass with flying colours in any exam you have appeared during this time. This year the Jupiter and Venus movements are helpful for the overseas studies. The another strong period is May, June and July for the students. The success rate is going to be high and they can be able to access easily to the relevant informations with ease during this year.


The Mars may bring temporary hurdles in the flow of finance. You need to keep calm and wait for the right time. The presence of Ketu in fifth house may be unfavourable for kids and their health during the month of April. Ensure they follow the covid guidelines strictly. To have better prosperity in your business, you need to maintain distance and to develop focus for some time this year especially in the month of July and August.


It has been observed that you all settled with the ongoing pandemic, but the threat is still persisting. The health is completely protected with the presence of Jupiter and Mercury. However, the essential guideline to be followed strictly to use face mask, hand sanitiser and regular hand wash. The world is going to open new opportunities in the diverse areas for entrepreneurs. This is the right time after the month of May and more over Mars in the third position is favourable for new startups.


This year for the Cancer Horoscope going to win and bag more and more achievements. The Saturn movement advices you to work hard, study hard and try hard. The end result is going to highly fruitful and this you are going win war against negatives, long pending problems, locked career and every area wherever you feel stuck.

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